In which I will be Visiting Cambodia with Tearfund in March 2014

I am excited to announce that I will be going to Cambodia with Tearfund in March.

tonle batie cropped

Here is my post about why I would like to visit Tonle Batie, Cambodia with Tearfund.

And here is Tearfund’s video announcement

Read Tearfund’s Press Release.

‘Bloggers can change the world, or at the least they can change the way people view the world.’ says Krish Kandiah, Executive Director of the Evangelical Alliance, Tearfund Vice President and member of the judging panel. ‘We hope these bloggers can use their skills to help many people see the country and people of Cambodia through God’s eyes.’

Please will you follow my reports on my blog from March 17th to 25th?

Thank you 🙂



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  1. Michael Hudson says


    I went to Cambodia last February with Bible Society and it was an amazing experience. I have been giving talks to churches in London since then and I find it difficult to keep to time! I was bowled over by the Literacy Scheme run by the local Bible Society that is not only teaching people to read, but also is giving them faith.

    I was shocked by the poverty I saw and I am pleased to learn of and support Tearfund’s efforts. I will follow your blog with considerable interest as you will be looking at different things from me, but in similar churches. It is a good thing to do. I kept a diary which helped me process the excitement of the day so it helped me sleep! It is now a souvenir full of good stories.

    I wish I was going with you! Every blessing


    • Anita Mathias says

      Hi Michael, The diary sounds like a really good idea. I will keep one too.

      Literacy through the Bible sounds like a really good idea. I believe teaching people to read so that they could read the Bible was the impetus of the early Sunday school movement in Britain. I think Frank Laubach too used the Bible as a primer in his literacy teaching, his “each one teach one” movement.

      Thank you for following my Cambodia blog. We will be going from March 17 to March 25th

  2. says

    How wonderful that it’s been confirmed: you are going to Cambodia. I hope and pray this will be a (another?) life-changing experience for you, and for many through your blogs/photos/stories. It sounds like an amazing trip. God’s blessings and journey mercies on you as you go, and on your family.

    • Anita Mathias says

      Thanks, Michelle. Would you be interested in a short guest blog from me on your site, which I would also promote through my social media channels. And then, I could host a blog from you on Ashburnham or on your next blogger trip?