Blogocracy: 100 Popular Christian Bloggers (as measured by Facebook Followers)

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Update–I have updated the list here

Okay, I have bravely (foolhardily?) put together a resource list of 100  popular Christian bloggers, as measured by Facebook fans.

Adrian Warnock’s list introducing us to the top Christian bloggers, as measured by Twitter followers, was very helpful in highlighting interesting new Christians, and I hope my list will  be similarly useful.

I define a Christian blog as one with engagement with Christ and with faith as a principal preoccupation—rather than a blog written by a Christian which is principally about homemaking, home-schooling, parenting, frugality, books, writing, personal development, or one’s personal life. I have also tried to focus on blogs largely written by an individual, rather than a consortium of bloggers.

Please let me know if I have left you—or your favourite blogger—out.  At this point, I guess I am looking for bloggers with at least 400 Facebook likes.


1 Lysa TerKeurst Lysa TerKeurst 107349
2  Brene Brown Brene Brown 89060
3 Glennon Melton Momastery 77780
4 Donald Miller Storyline 76455
5 Beth Moore LPM Blog 72727
6 Ann Voskamp A Holy Experience 46571
7 Jon Acuff Jon Acuff 38820
8 Joshua Becker Becoming Minimalist 35602
9 Jen Hatmaker Jen Hatmaker 35157
10 Glen Scrivener The King’s English 26454
11 Albert Mohler Albert Mohler’s Blog 24136
12 J. Lee Grady Fire in My Bones 23836
13 Michael Hyatt Michael Hyatt 22351
14 Tim Challies 21984
15 John Piper Desiring God 19353
16 Rachel Held Evans Rachel Held Evans 14708
17 Brian McLaren Brian McLaren EMC 14625
18 Kristen Welch We are THAT Family 14473
19 Margaret Feinberg Margaret Feinberg 13777
20 Kirsten Howerton Rage Against the Minivan 13254
21 Ed Stetzer Ed Stetzer 12527
22 Jeff Goins Jeff Goins 10186
23 Carlos Whittaker Carlos Whittaker 9802
24 Nadia Bolz-Weber Nadia Bolz-Weber 9004
25 Jamie Wright Jamie the Very Worst Missionary 8922
26 Lisa-Jo Baker The Gypsy Mama 8440
27 Shauna Niequist Shauna Niequist 7608
28 Sarah Mae Sarahmae 7264
29 Kurt Willems The Pangea Blog 6852
30 Thom Ranier Thom S. Rainer 6708
31 Ron Edmondson Ron Edmondson 6341
32 Adrian Warnock Adrian Warnock 6233
33 David Hayward nakedpastor 5943
34 Tony Jones Theoblogy 5564
35 Matthew Paul Turner MatthewPaulTurner 5524
36 Mary DeMuth Mary DeMuth 5425
37 Adam Smith Adam Smith 5374
38 Holley Gerth Heart to Heart with Holley 4463
39 Krish Kandiah KrishK 4431
40 Justin Taylor Justin Taylor 4405
41 Andrew Jones Tall Skinny Kiwi 4235
42 Shaun Groves Shaun Groves 4165
43 Emily Freeman Chatting at the Sky 3708
44 Jennifer Fulwiler Conversion Diary 3610
45 Tony Campolo Redletter Christians 3568
46 Anne Jackson Anne Jackson Writes 3315
47 Peter Enns Peter Enns 3311
48 Christine Sine Godspace 3253
49 Jennie Allen Jennie Allen 3230
50 Marc Cortez Everyday Theology 3074
51 The Cartoon Blog The Cartoon Blog 2918
52 Sarah Bessey Sarah Bessey 2796
53 Christian Piatt Christian Piatt 2561
54 Scott McKnight Jesus Creed 2125
55 Richard Dahlstrom Fibonacci Faith 2125
56 Sarah Markley Sarah Markley 2108
57 Amber Haines The RunaMuck 2026
58 Nicole Cottrell Modern Reject 1888
59 Bonnie Gray Faith Barista 1794
60 Winn Collier Winn Collier 1717
61 Joy Bennett Joy in this Journey 1688
62 Grace Biskie Gabbing with Grace 1618
63  Simon Guillebaud Simon Guillebaud 1562
64 Aaron Armstrong Blogging Theologically 1551
65 Jennifer Dukes Lee Getting Down with Jesus 1422
66 Malcolm Guite Malcolm Guite 1364
67  Allison Vesterfelt Allison Vesterfelt 1350
68 Jessica Bowman Bohemian Bowmans 1322
69 Elizabeth Esther Elizabeth Esther 1283
70 Jeremy Myers Till He Comes 1132
71 Jenny Rae Armstrong Jenny Rae Armstrong 1003
72 Alece Ronzino Grit and Glory 931
73 Kathy Escobar Kathy Escobar 914
74 Zack Hunt The American Jesus 892
75 Tamara Lunardo Tamara Out Loud 849
76 Michelle DeRusha Michelle DeRusha 848
77 Chaplain Mike 795
78  Rachel Stone Rachel Marie Stone 729
79 Alise Wright Alise Wright 720
80 Andrea Cumbo Andilit 713
81 Elora Nicole Elora Nicole 687
82  Billy Coffey Billy Coffey 676
83 Addie Zierman How to Talk Evangelical 675
84 Preston Yancey seePrestonblog 650
85 Hieropraxis Hieropraxis 571
86 Enuma Okoro Reluctant Pilgrim 564
87 Lore Ferguson Sayable 515
88 Anna Blanch Goannatree 479
89 Emma Scrivener A New Name 473
90 Shelley Miller Redemption’s Beauty 459
91 Nish Weiseth Nish Happens 450
92 Micha Boyett Mama::Monk 435
93 Anita Mathias Dreaming Beneath the Spires 417
94 Barnabas Piper Barnabas Piper 415
95 Leigh Kramer Hopeful Leigh 372
96 Matt Appling The Church of No People 335
97 Ed Cyzewski In a Mirror Dimly 324
98 Carolyn Weber Pressing Save 294
99 Ellen Painter Dollar Ellen Painter Dollar 256
100 D. L. Mayfield D L Mayfield 213
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  1. Margaret says

    Humbled to be included on this list, Anita. Thank you for featuring just a handful of people loving the Bride and furthering the Kingdom.

  2. Joy Lenton says

    Good to see you made the list, Anita. Expected nothing less! Also good to see many that I follow and enjoy are included here too. An interesting survey. One day maybe…a girl can but dream…and aspire to great things! :) xx

    • says

      I thought it would be interesting to compile a definitive list for browsing. Roy says I will get bumped off my own list as people point out omissions. But I will enjoy it while it lasts :-)

  3. Diana Butler Bass says


    Just a quick adjustment on my stats.  I actually have two Facebook pages, a public one and a personal one.  The personal one has 4700 followers and is more active than the public one–and a good number of journalists are on the private page.  People regularly get stuff from the personal/private page and make that info public…it shows up in news stories, etc.  There’s only a 500 person cross-over between the two lists.  

    • says

      Thank you, Diana. I will sort out the stats. I too have a more active personal FB page, with 800 friends rather than the 300 people on my public page.

      And thank you for visiting the list. It’s just for fun and to introduce bloggers to new audiences. I made it for myself, and then decided to share it!

    • says

      Yes, I have used the metric of an FB Public or Fan page for the blog. It’s really just for fun and to introduce people to new audiences, like Adrian Warnock’s list of the top bloggers ranked by Twitter followers.
      Just to introduce new bloggers…that’s all :-)

    • says

      Ah, what an amazing husband! You remembered Emma’s and forget your own!! Will add tomorrow:-)–perhaps this one rather than the evangelistic one, as I am cutting blogs each time I add new ones, and don’t want to offend too many people!
      Happy New Year!!

    • says

      Yeah, am going to do a list in April, just for fun, using Klout scores, probably, or Unique Monthly Visitors according to Google Analytics. Which do you think is more representative if one were trying to construct a list of the most influential Christian bloggers?

      • says

        Grace at {Gabbing with Grace} pointed out something that I’m not sure you can quantify – how bloggers can be very engaged and yet have low Facebook likes. I think that’s going to become more and more the case as Facebook gets more and more corporate-focused. They keep changing the algorithms so that we can’t see our posts, so we’re going to have to interact differently.

        I’m not sure how to quantify influence, honestly. It reminds me of the work I used to do at a children’s hospital improving the experience of care. How do you put objective numbers on something that is inherently subjective?  

        • says

          Thanks, Joy. Doing the list was fun thought. It helped me realize how huge the Christian blogosphere is, and introduced me to new people–and it was fun to pass the introductions on.

    • says

      Agreed, Joy.  My facebook stats are slightly higher b/c I worked in campus ministry for so long, so I have lots of students & staff from across the country who “like” my blog page, however, none of them & I mean literally, very few of them are bloggers, blog readers or blog commenters.  So, while my twitter/facebook feeds appear somewhat bloated for my engagement level with my blog, it can also be discouraging partly b/c I’ve done so little to engage with other bloggers while I was so heavily invested in ministry.  so, yeah those numbers don’t always tell the truth, per se.  Some bloggers with far less facebook likes have a lot better social engagement with their blogs.

  4. says

    Thought I’d throw Third Option Men into the ring even though it’s clearly a conglomerate and not an individual (nearing 7k on FB). Daily articles by men who claim to follow Christ.

    PS- Thanks for the list; I hadn’t heard of many of these inspiring people.

  5. says

    Great list for reading! I have a popular blog, and I am a Christian who writes about my faith. Although I don’t always write about it, I think writing about being frugal, being a stay at home wife (and submissive wife) and homemaking IS Christian. I have over 4,000 fans on Facebook. I am curious, Why do you not include bloggers who are Christian but don’t write only about their faith?  There is so much more to living a Christian life than talking about it. It is walking it and that is what I write about. I hope you understand that I am just trying to see it from your POV :) If you would like to check out my blog, it’s at God Bless!

    • says

      Thanks Christine. I guess I am trying to narrow it down to blogs with a wide appeal to all Christians, of all genders. Writing about being a stay at home and submissive wife and homemaking appeals to those who have chosen that path, but not to men, or women who work, or who, like I myself, believe Paul’s directive to be mutually submissive to each other is healthier; ( though that’s another subject.) I guess I am trying to construct a list with wide appeal to Christians despite gender and nationality or working/Stay at home women.
      Perhaps you could construct a broader list?

      • says

        I guess I can see what you mean, but by nature, a blog is about one’s personal expiriences or it would be something else, really. Blogs were oringinally an online journal idea, and most people wouldn’t write “in general” in thier journals, they would write thier expiriences and personal convictions. Most websites don’t appeal to “everyone”, thus why they have a demographic or niche they are aiming for. To be completely honest, most of the blogs you listed all have a demographic, even a simple one of just Christians who believe as they do.  I guess what I am getting at is, I think your leaving out some amazing bloggers (I know many!) simply because they have a target audience. When I say “I am walking it”, I am talking about walking in my own relationship with Jesus. I meant no harm or to say that those, like yourself, who do not believe as I do are “wrong” as we all have our own paths with our Savior and our own calling.

  6. Terry says

    Dan Cruver’s Blog, Together for Adoption has over 1600 facebook fans.

  7. Mikey G Lynch says

    Not sure what your Aussie tally is like, but my Christian Reflections
    blog happily offers itself:
    (see for 2006-2009)

    God bless, Mikey (835 FB)


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